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We are providing services of Quench Polish Quench Hardening, QPQ Corrosion Resistance and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Quench polish quench (QPQ) is a specialized type of nitrocarburizing case hardening that increases corrosion resistance. It is sometimes known by the brand name of Tufftride, Tenifer or Melonite. Three steps are involved: nitrocarburize ("quench"), polish, and post-oxidize ("quench"). ... corrosion resistance. lubricity.
Common applications of the process are for piston rods of shock absorbers, cylinders and rods for hydraulic systems, pumps, axles, spindles and valves.
This process is often used when two or more of the following properties are required in a workpiece:


Wear resistance.
Corrosion resistance
Fatigue strength

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